Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA)

The Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA) is the national trade association of the herbal and botanical products industry. UHPA is comprised of more than 25 domestic companies doing business as growers, processors, manufacturers, and marketers of herbs and herbal products, including foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics. Founded in 2017, UHPA mission is to promote the responsible commerce of herbal products.

Dear Sirs and Madams,

In May 2017, the Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA) launched an initiative to bring together agricultural producers of medicinal and aromatic plants, academic and research circles, botanical gardens, and manufacturers of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products to lay the groundwork favorable to the development of the industry producing medicinal, aromatic and essential-oil-bearing plants to provide market players with safe and high-quality plant raw materials.

Our key objectives:


In view of our mission and objectives, we would welcome cooperation with you, our dear colleagues, in areas of common interest such as:


We strongly believe that only joint well-balanced efforts taken by Ukrainian and international specialized agricultural producers, breeders, academic and research circles, manufacturers of specialized machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products, and financial institutions will help us to succeed in providing people with affordable, safe, and high-quality products and preserving wildlife.


Sincerely yours,
UHPA Chairman                                                                                       Roman Mykhailych


About UHPA

The Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA) has represented the interests of herbal medicine in Ukraine. Members of the UHPA include manufacturers of herbal medicines, herbal practitioners, companies involved in the supply of herbal raw materials and extracts, academics, pharmacists, retailers and students of phytotherapy.

Objectives of the Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA):

To advance the science and practice of herbal medicine by modern techniques;

To encourage wider knowledge and recognition of the value of herbal medicine;

To foster research in phytotherapy, exploring the vast potential of medicinal plants.






November 22, 2018

10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Meet Inspiring Speakers and Experts on Medical Herbal, Pharma, Science, Technology and Business



Executive committee of the UHPA

Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA) is managed by an Executive Committee. Its members are elected for a three year term. The structure, the activities and the function of the Executive Committee were decided on by the founders of the UHPA and by the early membership.

Chairman of the presidium of the UHPA:
Mykhailych Roman Chief Executive Officer of Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd.
Composition of members of the Presidium of the UHPA:
Hlushchenko Liudmyla Заступник директора Дослідної станції лікарських рослин Національної академії аграрних науки
Rakhmetov Dzhamal Заступник директора Національного ботанічного саду ім. М.Гришка Національної академії наук України
Zaimenko Nataliia Директор Національного ботанічного саду  ім. М.Гришка Національної академії наук
Lakida Petro Директор навчально-наукового Інституту лісового і садово-паркового господарства  Національного університету біоресурсів та природокористування
Bilenko Volodymyr National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine
Bunina Svitlana Виконавчий директор Об'єднання організацій роботодавців медичної та мікробіологічної промисловості України
Popovych Valerii Chief technologist of Acme Cosmetics Group Ltd.
Kolesnik Oleh Chief of "Land Management Company" Privat", Ltd.
Hubanov Oleksandr Chief expert on agrotechnologies for growing medicinal plants
Executive Officer:
Vasyl Pachovskyy Project manager of Schlosem Ukraina, Ltd.


Join the UHPA

Members of the Ukraine Herbal Products Association (UHPA) include manufacturers and suppliers of herbal medicines, herbal practitioners, companies involved in the supply of herbal raw materials and extracts, academics, pharmacists, regulatory consultants, retailers and students of phytotherapy.

The UHPA supports the members through a range of activities and keeps a close watch on legislative developments affecting herbal medicine, liaising with regulatory authorities, industry forums and the media, providing advice and comment on new Ukraine and EU legislation and guidelines, and commenting on specific issues.

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about participation in the UHPA or there are suggestions on cooperation, please contact to us.

1, Tymiriazievska St, Kyiv, 01014

+38 (044) 247-9301, +38 (050) 331-5556